Fashion Tips for Women With a Petite Body Frame

August 2, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Shopping

Besides dressing up as per your body shape, it is essential that due consideration must be given to your weight while dressing. Though different manufacturers have their own guidelines for height, as a common rule if you are below 5’4”you will be considered petite. Celebrities Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Rees Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker, all of whom are less than 5’4”, are believed to be petite. Not many people realized that these ladies were short because they dressed in such a way that they looked taller. Here we are offering some suggestions to dress provided you are petite.

Three Quarter Blouse

Those who are petite will like to purchase proportional clothes. You should get the clothes which fit arm length. In case the shirt is too long at sleeves or shoulders, you are bound to look big. The shirt with three quarter sleeves could be tried. This will facilitate in upper body and arms look longer. If you wish to wear prints these should not be large. Whichever print you choose do not forget to use Amazon Singapore coupons while making your purchase.

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Straight leg Trousers

Always show off the best assets. Being petite you will prefer to show off the legs so select a skirt which reaches above the knees. Once you choose shorter skirts, your legs will look longer. You should avoid ankle length or calf length skirts. As far as pants are concerned, select jeans or straight leg trousers and use Zalora coupon for getting a good discount. Tapered pants should not be worn because such pants do not suit everyone. Similarly bootcut or flared trousers because they will make you look shorter.

 Monochromatic Outfits

Another way to look nice would be to go for monochromatic outfit. It means selecting same color from toe to head for giving illusion of a long line.

The last tip is to dress petite body by buying pointy toed or the open toed shoes. These shoes will make you look longer and also leaner. Squared toed shoes should be avoided. Such shoes shall cut off the line and shall make you appear longer. If you can you may wear shoes having heels from 1 to 2 inches but it will not be feasible to wear heels all the time. But it will be proper to wear heels for night out because it will create an illusion of you being taller. is the best destination for latest coupons and must be checked out prior to any purchase.

If you have a petite figure, few suggested outfits are mentioned here:

*White and black blouse above knee skirt. This outfit has been selected as shirt will make your arms look longer because it is v-necked and short sleeved. Your legs will look longer because of skirt. This dress should be worn with the open toe shoes. Showing of skin a bit along with the skirt will look sexy and sophisticated.